Wedding videographer Portfolio - Tuscany Wedding Videographer
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Wedding videographer



As a wedding videographer and photographer, authenticity is at the core of my work. I believe that capturing genuine emotions is what makes a wedding truly unforgettable. When I first started out in this industry, I quickly realized that no two weddings are the same.
Each event is a unique world unto itself, with its own rhythm and personality. That’s why I approach each wedding with a fresh perspective, ready to capture the spontaneity and realness of the day.
I’ve learned that the key to capturing authentic moments is to be present and attuned to the emotions of the couple and their loved ones, but always being discrete.

I pay close attention to the details, taking note of the small gestures and subtle glances that reveal the depth of the couple’s love and connection.

By being sensitive to the natural flow of the day, I’m able to capture those moments that make each wedding unique and special.

For me, wedding videography is not just a job, it’s a passion.

I feel honored to be able to capture the essence of a couple’s love story, and to preserve those memories for years to come. I believe that each wedding is like a tailor-made suit, crafted to fit the couple perfectly.

And just like a custom suit, it’s the little details that make it truly special.



I understand that capturing the emotions and sensations of your big day is all about being present in the moment.

But it’s also about knowing how to be discreet and unobtrusive, having the right equipment, experience, and attitude.

Collaborating with professionals to develop a videography style that blends seamlessly into the flow of the day.

From planning to the final edit, attention to detail ensures a timeless record of every moment.

With state-of-the-art cameras and editing tools, a professional wedding videographer will create a beautiful film that captures the magic of your wedding day and the emotions experienced.