Italian wedding videographer - Your perfect Day like a film
I'm an Italian wedding videographer and I learned that wedding videography could be fashionable and chic, but also romantic and full of love.
italian wedding videographer
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Your Italian wedding videographer

Welcome to my world.

A Word where my passion for capturing the beauty of life through the lens has taken me on a journey of creating the most enchanting wedding videos.


My name is Damiano, and I’m Your italian wedding videographer.

I have been in love with photography for as long as I can remember.

But it wasn’t until 2015 that I realized my true passion lay in creating videos that can capture the emotions, gestures, and moments that photography alone cannot fully express.


As a wedding videographer in Tuscany, I take pride in every aspect of my work, ensuring that every shot is perfectly crafted and every moment is captured to create a precious treasure for the years to come.

I am always up to date with the latest technology and use only the most modern equipment that allows me to capture stunning visuals of the wedding day


Authenticity is at the core of wedding videography.
Capturing genuine emotions and being sensitive to the natural flow of the day is what makes each wedding unique and special.


Innovation is crucial to creating unique, personalized wedding films that capture the essence of the day.
The latest technology and creative techniques allow for stunning, cinematic films that transport couples back to their special moment.


The importance of professionalism in wedding videography is highlighted, with a focus on blending seamlessly into the day while capturing every moment with precision and artistry.
The right equipment, experience, and attitude are all crucial for creating a beautiful and timeless record of the special day.

Video 4K

We offer the best cinematic quality to fully capture every detail of your most beautiful day.
We have the best camera and drone technologies available in 4k resolution and higher.